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Lower James Street

Location | Soho
Client | Knight Frank Investments
Status | Completed 2016

Contract |

'a classic fit-out that is respectful of historical areas of the building...a project that manages to make the most of a difficult site and draw as much out of the spaces as possible'

AJ Retrofit Award Jury 2017 

'the skill required to sculpt, extend and enhance this constrained building won the judges over’.

BCO Award Jury 2018

HBA won a limited competition to extend and refurbish this existing office building just off Golden Square.


The design greatly improves the ground floor presence of the building, creating a compact new office reception and a restaurant unit in the lower floors.


HBA also added an extra floor to the building constructed from pre-fabricated CLT, creating a dramatic double-height office space with new mezzanine floor and angled rooflights.

The aesthetic of the whitewashed timber is also carried down through the common parts with the office doors, and the WC and reception cladding.


The project was completed in late 2016

Photos courtesy of Image Works

( and Richard Leeney

Winner : AJ Retrofit Award 2017 for Offices under 2,000sqm 

Winner : BCO Award 2018 for Offices under 1,500sqm

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