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6 Kean St, Covent Garden

Location | London
Client | CBRE
Status | Completed 2019

HBA have refurbished this Covent Garden office building overcoming a number of challenging issues to create a visually striking series of spaces.


The main entrance and reception have been fully replaced with a large level change in the old reception providing a challenge to the design team.


HBA have introduced a curved ramp with minimal balustrade complemented by an arc of sweeping timber-clad steps. The enlarged higher area can now be used for seating, while the new curved Corian reception desk doubles up as bench seating.

Minimal shaped lighting and textured concrete cladding complete this striking composition that visually represents the flow of people through the space.

On the upper floors, HBA have refurbished the office floors and WCs opening up historic features such as the old steel columns and brickwork.


New servicing and air-distribtuion is cleverly concealed at high level, in a way that maximises ceiling heights and flexibiltiy for incoming tenants, while minimising visual clutter.


Concrete end caps to the new light fittings provide interest against the new minimal, vaulted ceiling

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