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Drury House

Location | Covent Garden
Client | DTZ Investors
Status | Completed March 2017

Contract |

HBA were appointed to design a 'light touch' refurbishment of the reception area, common parts and 2no. office floors of this large, prominent office building in Covent Garden.


The unusual geometry of the building inspired the triangular motif that features throughout the new areas.


The reception area was reconfigured and decluttered to maximise the layout and part of the existing concrete waffle slab exposed to provide a feature over the new seating area. Large format triangular tiles provide a subtle pattern on the floor.

This design idea is carried through to the refurbished WCs on the office floors with accents of colour in the most trafficked areas


Unused areas in the basement were converted into a well appointed bike store with new showers and a football pitch for tenants.

Photos courtesy of Aidan Brown

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